Time Travel w / Ali Yağcı

7ICONSOctober 21, 2019
Time Travel w / Ali Yağcı
Time Travel w / Ali Yağcı

Does pursuing your dreams make you free of time’s strings? Ali Yağcı is joining us in our journey in time with Gant. Our stop is the 90s; nothing can stop you with a little childhood, a little imagination and a little devotion. You will get braver with Ali.

Time travel is possible and we are going back to the 90s with Ali Yağcı. For Ali, the nineties means “childhood”… It means waking up in the morning and watching Captain Tsubasa, then playing marbles on the street with friends and falling asleep in the evening while watching Ruhsar. But the real question is; “To be in the moment or to be in time?” Ali is one of those who chose to be in time. He says; “I want to live this moment without the burdens of the past or the worries of the future.”

Although the meaning of socialization changes in every period, the important thing is not to lose its sensation.  Ali has stepped into the internet world with MSN at the age of 10 like every 90s kid, and nowadays, he is trying not to be blown away by the social media much like all of us.

Movie and tv show sets that he saw during his years in Cunda encouraged him and he came to Istanbul saying “I have to be a part of this world”.  He made it possible to turn his talent into a profession. When he looks back at the times he sacrificed a lot, he says “Whatever is easy, never exciting!”

Author: Based Istanbul