It is impossible to resist the energy of Neslihan Yeldan! There is no room for negativity in Neslihan’s life, she believes in being positive in every step of the way. The desire to be a better person is the motivation behind her every move. “Hello, I’m Neslihan. I want to make myself, my life and those around me happy, beautifying and replicating them. I strive to be a mother, an actress and a world citizen who tries to take every step with immense care.”

It’s not a cliché but a fact! She says, “without inner beauty, outer beauty means nothing to me” and emphasizes that she relates beauty both mentally and physically to “cleanliness”; “I have to be immaculate.  My skin, my hair, my nails… And I must wear perfume.”  Neslihan’s interest in makeup also began with skin care. “I remember using my mothers beauty creams when I was a teenager. Then, at 15, I bought my first pink lipstick, which was very fashionable at the time.” No doubt she has never given up on lipsticks since day one. “My lipstick and perfume are always in my bag.” she says and admits, “I have a weakness for Niche perfumes!”  “Every woman feels confident with good make-up. Smelling good, is always a plus.” Neslihan reflects all this formula flawlessly into her life and defies time.   

Bluz/ Top: Machka
Ceket / Jacket: Manningcartell, V2K Designers 
Pantolon / Trousers: Manningcartell, V2K Designers 
Bot / Boots: Mango

A Creative Collaboration with Sephora Türkiye

Creative Direction Duygu Bengi
Director Mert Akay
Photography: Burcu Karademir
DOP: Murat Bayraktaroğlu
Styling: Kübra Özden
MUA : Sephora Türkiye
Hair: Mustafa Akgül
Production: Pelin Taşkıran
Asst. Videographer Umutcan Yıldırım