A crucial name at the design world, Sagmeister completed The Happy Film, which had started as a graphic design project that turned into an autobiographic documentary. The film that accounts for a period of 6 years, Sagmeister applies his trials about happiness on himself. The film that talks about a constant search for buying and selling happiness, the short-lived satisfaction once we find happiness, the state of not being able to use that happiness, basically the film that talks about every dead end regarding happiness explores the search for formalising happiness. Turning himself into a design project, Sagmeister questions whether it is possible to educate your brain to become happier.

Sagmeister shares the direction of the documentary with Ben Nabors and Hillman Curtis. The film that is in the festival run currently has left festivals like Tribeca, Hot Docs and Minneapolis St. Paul with admiration.

You may follow the screening dates from the website.