Last evening Fredrik Tjaerandsen was crowned as the newest “Young Talent” of Central Saint Martins during the annual BA Fashion Show that took place in London; and with good reason. His “bubble designs” got almost everybody on the internet gagging and in less than 24 hours his colorful plastic world had taken over the interweb.

The newly graduated womenswear designer has already accumulated a considerable amount of experience having interned and worked at major fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, J.W. Anderson and Balenciaga. Yet, he managed to prove that he has more to offer as a promising up-coming designer and holds several surprises up his sleeve with his presentation at the BA Fashion Show at CSM; for he presented one of the most mind blowing collections the audience had ever seen.

The models walked the runway as colorful balloons with human parts which would then deflate to reveal the genius design that lied beneath.The inflated versions of the clothing were nothing less than pieces of art , as the wearers being visible through the bubble in a colorful haze kept you from thinking “Oh God! They look trapped!”. However, the deflating process was a spectacle in itself as the bubbly spheres shrivelled into pieces of werable clothing in a fashion that resembled a condom being put on.

While the consensus is that the show was in fact mindblowing, there seems to be a difference of opininons when it comes to the fact that the collection was made from almost all plastic material. Scrolling through CSM’s and Tjaerandsen’s personal instagram comments you can easily notice that some eco-friendly consumers choose to protest against the collection while acknowledging that the creations are fairly out of the ordinary and the execution is well done.

All in all, we can’t wait to see what Tjaerandsen’s next move will be!