“The senses and the world – desires merge. And in this body that I hold against my own I also hold that strange joy that descends from sky to earth”. Albert Camus

Located in an old generator factory located in the historical district of Balat, THE PILL’s new venue will feature Daniel Firman’s sculptural practice. A much-need brand new gallery owned by curator Suela Cennet, the art space will feature it’s very first exhibition “The Fragment Dimension” which will be Firman’s first ever show in Turkey and the Middle-East.

Creating high expectations by using a complex cast technique that enables Firman to take imprints, the artist tries to define the viewer’s relationship to the world and the notion of ‘being present’ during a period of uncertainty that requires a profound amount of immediacy.

With every exhibition curated at THE PILL, the artist is given the possibility of modifying the space, and Daniel Firman has turned the gallery space into a ‘spacial partition’ where there are paths created for the viewer to follow when discovering new works. One will also find a collaboration between Suela Cennet and Daniel Firman that leaves the owner’s imprint of her presence in the space.

The exhibition will be on view between January 21 and April 24, 2016.