NewsFebruary 10, 2019

 “POSE” which has been included to the Netflix broadcast list in Jun 2018, touches on the lifestyle of a LGBT community lives in New York in the end of the 80’s and the culture of that period. In this Ryan Murphy’s tv series, which is more like an extension of 1990 production Sundance awarded “Paris Is Burning”,  the main characters are performed by Mj Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Ryan Jamaal Swain, Indya Moore, Billy Porter ve Evan Peters. Pose at the same time, is the tv series that includes the most amount of transexual artist in its casting.

Pose, mentions the outsiders’ which are not accepted by nobody but their communities life stories and the difficulties that they have faced during that period of time, by handling the starting of Blanca (Mj Rodriguez)’s ,who is very idealist and caring, new house –House of Evangelista- and the ongoing events. During the season, we testify the conflicts in between the people in that LGBT community, and we also can see that they obviously support each other no matter what.

The only place that this community which have been rejected by their families and socially excluded by the society- feels important and special is the balls they throw every week. Please don’t expect a ball like in the fairytales… These events that they have called as “Ball”, include concept competitions and the challenges among the houses. We can get enough of the 80’s disco music and dances especially in those scenes.

But the most outstanding detail in the series are the costumes, with no doubt… Costumes are designed by Emmy awarded Lou Eyrich, she mentions that while she was choosing the costumes, she inspired by Paris Is Burning documentary and the 80’s black&white photographs. Eyrich and her team have collected %60 of the clothes from vintage stores, and they have designed the rest of them. Pose, turns out a fashion show with these selections while it is reflecting the reality. We can feel the spirit of the time period with padded shoulders, mom jeans, bomber jackets, tracksuits, huge earings and huge belts which have been chosen for the street wear, the other thing that excites us is the costumes which have been designed according to the each concept of the ball competitions. It feels like we are in the Met Gala in each and every scene.

Even though the series is in the drama category, with the positive things that happen in the daily life and the remarkable amount of dance scenes, it achieves to keep our moods high. While the first season is not finished yet, it is approved that there will be season 2, and it is known that it will be published in 2019. If you would like to know better about the LGBT world and to be informed by the events in House of Evangelista, it is strongly recommended to add this tv series to your watch list!


Author: Burcu Ece İlgü