The 90’s: A Sweet Tiredness along with The Millennium

7ICONSSeptember 13, 2019
The 90’s: A Sweet Tiredness along with The Millennium

This is a decade in which the free market economy gives birth to global cities, rendering the political borders drawn by the wars that marked the past century meaningless, and being connected to the www (World Wide Web) also supports this situation. While Carrie runs around the streets of New York with her cool shoes, Rachel sips her coffee at Central Perk, unaware of the online shopping that has just been sown.

Even though we are currently consuming a lot of fanny packs, bucket hats, biker shorts and spaghetti straps, the fashion of the nineties is much more than a trendy piece of British rave culture. The glamor of the eighties which had ended after the sad death of Gianni Versace was replaced by Calvin Klein’s cold and determined minimalism.  When Grunge was upgraded from Kurt Cobain’s depressive cardigan to high fashion, we rediscovered that there are no limits in art and design.

This is like Rugby becoming a part of American culture after being born in English schools in the nineteenth century. Rugger, made of breathable cotton fabric with long sleeves, stripes and contrast collar, is part of the American prep style worn by those who perform this challenging but elite sport in disciplined college life. Don’t be surprised to see Gant’s iconic design as a legacy of American sportswear on Snoop Dog as part of hip-hop style in the nineties. Because the iconic pieces trigger your creativity enough to be adapted to any period.

Author: Dilan Saray