Changing The Rules: Nadine Frackowski

A journey, will never stop, life must continue within creativity. The world is face to face with a creative who pays attention to the glove and questions everything about it and her name is Nadine Frackowski. Her work represents images, viewer can be captured and…

Up-cycling Daily Reality: Stephanie D’heygere

Stephanie D’heygere is born and raised in Belgium and completed her studies in Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She travelled around the world to further her career and eventually ended up in Paris to work for leading fashion houses Maison…

Experiencing Life Through Sound: Ekin Beril

There is a point in life where we realize who we are, realizing that moment that we start living our true-self. Ekin Beril’s perspective on life is creating music. Think of a person with so much passion and dreams on loving every aspect of making sounds. What she…

Surreal Reality: Yılmaz Şen

It has been so long since there was something exciting in the creative world. And here comes Yılmaz Şen for the save. He is a person with excitement within his work. There are signifant moments in people’s life that changed their point of view Yılmaz…

Diversity as a way of Expression: West Dakota

We are at Caribbean Social Club in Williamsburg; a tiny spot where you can feel and find all the diverse lifestyles of Brooklyn in one space. We got together with one of the queer personalities of Brooklyn nightlife scene: West Dakota and she is telling…

Closer with Boran Kuzum

Everything’s asleep… Streets were surrendered to passions and dreams. Boran Kuzum is someone who has the courage to follow his own truth. That’s why our journey gathers it’s inspiration to itself. “The biggest luxury in life is to meet with yourself!” When you pay attention…

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