How to ‘buy’?: Burak Turan & Tahlia Aycan

When you're excitedly shifting through rails of meticulously designed and beautifully-cut clothing in a luxury store you might not think about how the collections you saw on the catwalk came to be hanging right in front of you. But this integral job is the role…

Sense of Style: George Keburia

If not everything fell into place in your country, “to create” is not as easy enough like some other geographies. George Keburia: When these processes are not easier, your creativity and your perspective take yet another turn. And that moment, the process that you are…

What is more expressive now?: Artem Shumov

A vision, dreaming each day to create… Experiencing different cultures and understanding authentic identities. Artem Shumov shows us all how an inspiring designer like him can stay true to himself. ‘ Everything around me inspires for me to create’ says Shumov; think of a person…

Up-cycling Daily Reality: Stephanie D’heygere

Stephanie D’heygere is born and raised in Belgium and completed her studies in Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She travelled around the world to further her career and eventually ended up in Paris to work for leading fashion houses Maison…

Surreal Reality: Yılmaz Şen

It has been so long since there was something exciting in the creative world. And here comes Yılmaz Şen for the save. He is a person with excitement within his work. There are signifant moments in people’s life that changed their point of view Yılmaz…

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