Bi Creative Studio

The Movement

  We're going through a period where everything stops and slows down. We have the urge to keep moving, out of spite... To learn to breathe, to be able to hear but to stay in action. We are women who do not tolerate slowing down,…

Let’s celebrate fashion together!

Evenings spent with a good group of friends in a pretty atmosphere, where a beautiful table deepens the conversation that already flows like water, then turn into the most pleasant memories. The dinner we organized together with House Of Brothers to celebrate Fashion Week has…

Auto-correct w/ Aleyna Tilki

Does everyone have to follow the same pattern? Who separates right from wrong? Aren't you tired of putting everyone you see in the same mold? With Aleyna Fox, we underline being able to be free, to be an individual but most importantly to remain original. …

One Way To Tomorrow!

Sometimes, you can relate to some movies without even watching them. A short section, a name, an image... To connect with "One Way To Tomorrow", all I needed was to hear its name.  What I watched made me feel like I wasn't alone. These emotions,…

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