Un-finished Story: Pablo Rochat

Who comes to your mind when we say an ‘Instagram jokester’ an artist who understands the visual construction of low-brow internet jokes with such proficiency he’s elevated memes to a kind of absurdist sacred language. As a designer and art director, Pablo has created videos,…

”Made in Italy” Marco Baldassari

From working as an agent to building an empire, Marco Baldassari gives all the goosebumps for the ultimate fashion experience. There is an unnerving busy-ness to Marco Baldassari and his daily planned schedule... The designer aims big and achieves to get the attention... He is…

The Act of Freedom

Elbise/Dress: ESRA GÜRSES Eldiven:TOUCHE /OPIA PR Ayakkabı/Shoes: SUDI ETUZ Çorap/Socks: PENTİ Üst/Top: EMRE PAKEL Tayt/Leggings: CULTFORM / OPIA PR Takılar/ Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN/STUDIO11Ayakkabı/Shoes: PROENZA SCHOULER / VAKKO Bere/Beenie: EMRE PAKEL Takılar/Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN / STUDIO11 Üst/Top: CULTFORM /OPIA PR Çorap/Socks: PENTI Ayakkabı/Shoes: SUDI ETUZTakılar/Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN / STUDIO11 Ceket/Jacket: CULTFORM /OPIA PR Eldiven/Gloves: TOUCHE/OPIA PREtek/Skirt: NENUPHAR / VAKKORAMA Takılar/Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN /…

Anti-Disciplinary: Kemal Yılmaz

This time I am presenting to you a very genuine content... Kemal, one of our editors, has started a new journey... We are very excited to introduce his new brand and first collection which he shows his original style! Kemal and I met when we…

Evolving a Sense of Style: Miguel Becer

Madrileño fashion has a lot to say especially now. The founder, Miguel Becer: A young designer who spent years to establish his brand ManéMané in Madrid, Spain. We are learning more about the unknowns of being an emerging label and how he contributes to the…

Sense of Community

How can you put a piece of you to the thing we called life? How different are you when everything look the same? How much do you get affected by the past and the future? We are proud to walk side by side with the…

A deep nostalgia: Giuliana Leila Raggiani

Inspired by the simplicity of natural textures, collage, travels and exploration... Giu Giu is a knitwear-focused label conveying the playful humor and offbeat freedom that life should embody despite one's age or gender... A balance of being unfiltered and honest, yet sensitive... Giuliana Leila Raggiani…

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