An immense sky when you lift your head up, an all-around coolness if you dive deep: Blue! Generous with endless tone but effortless and calm, as it is, just like summer … Is it necessary to run away from someplace to experience a meeting like this one?

Belen looks like she’s a part of the shore, rather than an escaper that happens to be there. Becoming one with nature, embracing the water so naturally… While the fine grains of sand tickle her bare feet, she records the sound of the waves on the seashells she collects. The summer, which she describes as “an effortless state of happiness”, gains a new rhythm with Belen and shapes her soul. Belen writes her own story as an explorer and she is surrounded by blue, from sunrise to sunset. We are accompanying her in the summer stories, with a happy acceptance, to write a story of our own.

“Summer is an effortless state of happiness for me. It is to be surrounded by blue, from sunrise to sunset.”

Belen Alkan