It was literally celebration time in 50’s! As the gloomy mood of World War II leaves its place to positive vibes, the changes were very obvious in social life. Aestheticism was effecting every single moment of life, so fashion was getting its share as well. Clean-cut, traditional and conservative silhouettes was dashing with the sense of patriotism. Visuals was so important and in this very moment, ‘preppy’ style was born.

Preppy style was born in the beginnings of 50’s and it was youthful. As it was representing the social and economical conditions of society, it had casual but respectful attitude. Button down shirts, chino pants, polo t-shirts, V-neck cable knit cricket sweaters and loafers are the essential style codes of preppy style. Bomber jackets, double-breasted blazers and fedora hats are supporting the outfits. As navy, green, red and white were the leads in the color scale of this style; plaids, stripes and ginghams are the patterns that enhance the college attitude… Short and clean haircut is referring to the college style as well.

Through the end of the 50’s, Rock’n Roll style managed to effect fashion. It was kind of the representor of rebel attitude. Wide shouldered leather jackets, loose-fitting blue jeans, tight t-shirts and ducktail style greased long hairs were the prominent style codes of this look. Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marlon Brando and John Travolta as Danny Zuko in ‘Grease’ were the style icons of that era.

As the major social changes occurred in 50’s, it was very clear to see the reflection of these changes on style codes. This fertile era in fashion world that brought two different styles and attitudes into fashion history will never be forgotten!