Spinhead Sessions

Before the final soundtrack for Made In The USA there was a demo session recorded on tape, which didn’t make the final take. It’s by this very fortunate and fortuitous act that Kim Gorden and co are bequeathing us mere mortals a never-before-heard demo tape of ‘Theme With Noise’ – to be released on a new album called Spinhead Sessions.

If we were to have an imaginary telephone interview with the boys of Sonic Youth, it would go something like this;

Why are you giving us a regurgitated session of ‘Theme With Noise’ now?

We love our fans and we only want the best for them.

Yeah I’m totally into Beyonce now. Will you be collaborating with Beyonce on Lemonade II? Will there be a Lemonade II?


Oh sorry, its just that I really love Lemonade at this moment.

Shut the f#$$ck up, we are Sonic Youth!

Take a chill pill man, dramatic stuff, but I guess like the song… moody climax before chafing out.

…….no response…

Ah Kim, are you still there? Kim? Hello?

They are just so cool. Pfff fan crushhh.

Watch out for the full Spinhead Sessions, to be released on June 17, 2016.