The Iranian artist living in England, Farniyaz Zaker is meeting art lovers with her “Something There Was That Must Have Loved A Wall” exhibition in Pi Artworks Istanbul until March 7th.

Zaker researches about the relation among clothing, body and buldings. While she does this, she intervenes to the gallery space. The artist citing her exhibition’s title from historian Charles S. Maier, reminds the important role of politics on architecture and space in the construction of the modern world. She reconstructs the body and building relationship by dressing various designed textiles on the column she put in the middle of the gallery. While she brings new approaches to the century old historical Mısır Apartment of Pi Artworks, she also creates an installation that relates to the structure of the building. On the other hand, accessories added to the space later does not worry about reflecting a certain period or style. Zaker uses designs which are common in the face of the city and familiar to the audience.

Farniyaz Zaker, met the Turkish art audience for the first time in 2012 on a collective exhibition “Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward: Mirrors on Iran” in Pi Artworks. In 2014, the artist’s works were viewed in her personal exhibition in Sharjah Art Museum in United Arab Emirates.