Imagine, you create loads of looks, and styles; none really knows who you are, what you do, or even how you look. Does this sound normal? No? Totally not. As an outsider, I can tell a such designer talented as Martin Margiela was unexpectedly not a fan of attention from people and press, even if designers are famous to have huge egos. What is it that so special about him?

Jean Paul Gaultier said that he did not teach him anything because Martin did  not need a teacher, he already knew everything by himself. He liked what was old, naturally imperfect and what had past effects on self. Seventh member of “Six Anvers Designers” and ex-assistant of Jean Paul Gaultier before actually becoming Martin Margiela… He had the talent and magical hands what fashion was craving at the period, and still now.

Margiela, assimilated the Belgian minimalism in French haute couture at Hermès. This amazing collaboration was displayed by MAD – the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris and it will be lasting until September the 2nd, 2018. The display is a good visual opportunity to be able to see Margiela’s work in person and to perceive the pieces. For the ready-to-wear collection which he drew for the famous French fashion house Hermès, he used such sober colors and the pieces were mainly definitions of a new modern woman and a new era. Eventually, Martin always found a way to be different. The fashion show venues were various: A parking lot, a theater and an empty metro station which aint much fancy as Louvre halls.

They are mostly public places which are simple and accessible for everyone. Margiela has been such a silently reacting; being an innovative designer, he never did what people were expecting him to do, always behaved in the opposite direction. His rebellious, independent character and designs took attention of the press. His designs changed the comprehension of clothes from tailored garments tothe unfinished, futuristic designs with him. Now, we are wondering, who would be the next one to revolutionize the fashion world?