Shapes, colors and textures can be told as the three elements of her vivid and authentic work, but Barcelona based photographer Olga de la Iglesia has obviously more than that. Combining everyday scenes or objects with a discriminating perspective, she creates vivid and soulful shots of everything, which looks out of a not-yet created arts and fashion magazine.

There is,
in every single thing in life,
a question
that underlies
the surface.
All eyes are fiercely asking something.

How do you define yourself?

I am a female human being living on planet Earth, trying to survive in a capitalist world that alienates us from trusting ourselves and being connected with our emotions.

What attracts you to be a photographer rather than going for other art disciplines?

I really like photography because it allows me to experiment in other areas where I also feel identified. For me, there is no exact limit between being behind the camera or on the set. I think ideas as whole, from lighting to how it is going to be practically developed. I really like playing with materials and textures as well as creating still-lifes or ideas on set. With my work I aim to explore fashion with a pure, authentic, and vivid approach: I understand fashion as an open field, where any artistic idea can be applied.

What does ‘color’ signify for you? If you had to identify yourself with a color which one you would be?

Human eyes see in color. Through them, we understand reality by interpreting the way light comes down on every object, material, plant, or being. This process alone is something incredibly inspiring for me. Colors were there since the very beginning. They helped evolution by making us able to identify, classify, connecting with our emotions. In every of the innumerable cultures here on the Earth colors stand for a diverse feeling, meaning, emotion, pride, memory, habit. Still, they physically are the same to our eyes. The only thing that changes is the visual code we use to understand them. My color has changed throughout my life, a new one for each stage of my life. Right now I identify with the color lilac.

Can you tell us a little about your “Wonders” series?

This series explains exactly how I see life: primary and vivid colors stand out in my retina and unite in the images of a very contradictory and extraordinary world.

How do you choose your subjects? Is there something you look for?

For me taking a photograph is like painting a picture. It is about conveying within these four lines the exact quantity of shapes, colors, and textures.
It’s too deep into my way of looking at things. I am not aware of it. Still, I think that of course there are certain shapes, vibrant colors, and surreal situation that create the perfect situation for me to be attracted and shoot.

Is your work more about creating moments or observing them?

My work stems from observing and capturing moments. Then I bring all those moments I captured onto the set, the place where I gather all those inspirations found in the street.

We follow your collaborations with Paloma Wool, who is a friend of yours; how exactly your creative process develops and how do you effect each other’s works?
Paloma and I have been friends for a long time, we have learned and grown together in the world of photography, we listen to the same music, we laugh at the same jokes, we like to go to the same places, we share the same appreciation of beauty and love: I think that’s the way we are connected.

What is your ultimate dream?

Try to be present all the time. Not having fears. Being free of social pressure.

What would you like to ask to yourself?

I never stop asking myself things.