Salt, Lena Pogrebnaya

UnframedMarch 8, 2017
Salt, Lena Pogrebnaya

“My main profession is architecture and it is the first thing that inspires me. Geometry, shapes, lighting, materials – I draw pictures in my head and then I start to realize its in life itself.” – Lena Pogrebnaya

These girls are like two lost souls from different times and worlds who met each other in this solitary and found peace. This place is magical… Designed in brutal socialist style, this building represents a pyramid made of interesting geometrical shapes and is a part of the spa sanatorium, which is situated near Kuyalnik Estuary. The pool in the middle of this pyramid contains healing water with up to 300% salt. The atmosphere there is incredible. I like dualism and often use it in my art because it is what we are. Every person inside has the second one version of her/himself, which is staying in queue, waiting for a time to show up.
Author: Defne Çağlar