Saint Hoax

UnframedSeptember 1, 2015
Saint Hoax
In this day and time where Bruce Jenner has evolved into Lady Caitlyn as if in attribution to Game of Thrones, we met Saint Hoax who brings the Middle East where issues such as language, religion, race and gender have a meaning beyond taboo, together with art. Our chat changed its course from the perspective of “PoPlitically Incorrect” to a joyful summer playlist. Please enjoy.
How does it feel to live in a century in where the most recent news on Bruce Jenner is being viewed by almost 1 billion people?
It’s empowering. All 7 billion people on this planet should learn about Caitlyn Jenner. It’s true that Caitlyn isn’t the first transgender person, and some might argue that many before her have transitioned from man to woman or vise versa. But the overall story of the athlete, family man, and public figure that took this huge decision makes this different from all the previous stories we heard before. As long as Caitlyn is using this experience to educate people about the transgender community, I will support her.
Where did the idea come from to re-imagine the popular icons?
Ever since I was a child, I was infatuated by Pop culture. It’s effect on people and peoples’ effect on it. By merging popular icons with sociopolitical references, I was able to highlight sensitive topics while appealing to younger audiences.
What were you aiming while creating your project ‘Princess Diaries’?
A very close (girl) friend of mine shared her experience with incest. I was inspired to create this series. I was aiming to shed light on something that is usually avoided. This project invites incest victims to report their stories.
How can you describe the term of ‘Poplitically Incorrect’ to a consumerist individual?
I use this description as a disclaimer. It’s my own way of saying; I won’t apologize for any of the work I’m sharing.
I individually really admire your serie called ‘May 17’. Besides those dictators’ homophobic characters, what do you think about political visions?
I mostly disagree with all of their visions.
Who’s your favorite politician?
I can tell you who my least favorite politician is at the moment, that would be Trump.
What do you do in your routine life?
I’ve been travelling a lot the past year, so I wasn’t able to sustain a certain routine. My day is divided between working in the morning and playing in the evening. I love playing games.
Can you make us a summer playlist?
Madonna – Iconic Marina & the Diamonds – Blue Sia- California Dreaming Nicki Minaj- Trini Dem Girls Tove Lo- Talking Body Where Are U Now – Skrillex& Diplo ft. Justin Bieber All Hands On Deck – Tinashe One Last Time- Ariana Grande
Author: Barış Fert