There is such a thing as the Ozgur Masur woman. This is a woman who doesn’t conform with time but uses it as she wishes; she is determined, free, and authentic.

While collections that are after instant messages highlight the consumer culture, it only tires us out, or we realized it did. I faced this reality once again, 10 minutes in to Rituel.

Photo by Fora Norman

With his new 40-piece couture collection, Ozgur Masur re-interprets the floral forms that are in the brand’s DNA, using hand-made techniques on fabrics and beadings. The collection’s most impressive quality is the innovative embroidery, along with tones that refer back to the essential lines of Ozgur Masur collections. The designer approaches the dominant floral form in his collection, transforming the life energy that flowers gather from photosynthesis into a mystical garden discovery. The collection draws attention with plain, yet strong looks that combine floral forms with futuristic figures such as the flying ant.

Photography by Erman İştahlı
Photography by Erman İştahlı

For the collection that unites the voluminous lines of the 60’s and the excessive and rebellious details of the 70’s, Ozgur Masur says, “The 60’s and 70’s point to an era where fashion once again became a ritual. The self-confidence of the women of that era helped shape the soul of the collection.” He says, “We’re experiencing women who shape fashion, not those who follow it.”

Photography by Erman İştahlı

As the blue and soft green tones that create the signature colors of the collection continue to be a part of his brand, the transparent details that Ozgur Masur interpret as “the symbol of a woman’s self-exploration” brings out the thrill and the excitement with it.

With Rituel, Ozgur Masur once again compliments women in every way possible, and turns her into a jewel.