Netflix has become such an integral part of our personal and romantic lives. Before Netflix, a date night used to mean dinner and a movie involving a preferably chic restaurant, a movie theater and some dressing up. Now, it means ordering in, staying in, Netflix and chilling in your pjs. Let’s be honest, sharing your favorite shows and movies with your significant other just feels good but it is also a significant reminder of how lazy you’ve become. Have couples started to binge-watch and pressed pause on romance?

On a different note, the expression ‘Netflix and chill’ isn’t just code for date nights anymore. It speaks volumes about how closely relationships entwine with digital life. Sharing your Netflix password with someone is almost as important as giving them your house keys. While digital milestones are replacing physical ones, shared netflix accounts tend to outlast relationships now and Netflix breakups follow the actual ones.

And now ‘cheating’ has a whole new meaning too. Netflix cheating a.k.a. watching episodes of a show without your BAE is now considered a form of infidelity. When couples insidiously betray each other just for a 40-minute pleasure, the next episode of the relationship may be its grand finale.

Yes, those who stream together stay together but if the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘bonding’ is the Netflix show, just sign out Netflix, do some stranger things and be the protector of your romantic&social life.

Here is a mix of Netflix shows and movies for first dates a.k.a. relationships’ pilot episodes and for more established relationships that wasn’t cancelled after first season.

If you’re not sure there will be Episode 2 to your first date, you might not want to invest in watching The Crown. Or if you’re in the mood for something light you might want to avoid a heart-wrenching movie like Marriage Story. So if you want more to do with your hands means less awkward silences, go with Netflix’s first interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. This is also a great deal-breaker pick because if you’re not happy with yout date’s choices, you know they’re probably not the one for you.

Another high concept film that makes for lots of great discussions on a first date is Alex Garland’s dark and twisted Ex Machina. If you’re somehow love(or lust)struck after this 2-hour sci-fi, and start to see its title as Sex Machina, just plan your getaway to one of the movie’s great locations, Juvet Landscape Hotel.

Or try watching The I-Land -the relatively new survival-mystery series that is a very poor imitation of Lost- and if your date seems to like it, run-for-your-life!

Picking something to watch on a first date is tricky, but it gets much trickier when you’re in an established relationship because then you end up having watched everything that is binge-worthy. But you’re in luck, because we’ve selected three hidden gems of Netflix, which are usually floating just below your line of sight.

Russian Doll -a dark, Groundhog Day-style layer upon layer of dead-good comedy you’ll blaze through in record time- is your next Netflix fix.

Though it initially seems like just another romantic comedy, Netflix’s Love offers much much more with its quirky story every couple would kill to have.

Last but not least, the anthology series Easy explores the way sex, technology, and culture plays into each and every relationship shown. And with each episode being about 30 minutes long, it’s super easy to marathon.