Elif’s quarantine days are far from calm… The rush of motherhood never stops! We stole her from Uzay and took some great pictures, questioned her “new norms” in social isolation, and, of course, we were relieved to learn that she was a normal person who, like many of us, at least, didn’t make her own bread. Now, take a little break from whatever you’re doing and re-experience with Elif that we all, indeed, are going through the same things during the social isolation process.

How do you start your day?

With Uzay crying!

Were you able to maintain your routine? 

I didn’t have much of a routine, I used to go to a pole dance class two days a week, but of course, I can’t do that anymore.  

Did you ever leave the house during social isolation?

Yeah, I get groceries every 3 days, and we go outside every two days to let Uzay get some fresh air.  

Everyone threw themselves into the kitchen these days, what’s your culinary experience is like?  

Of course, I’ve started spending more time in the kitchen because there are two living beings at home that need to be fed. I tried to make bread, like the rest of the world, but it was a disaster.  Some things I’m good at, but some things, I suck at them.

Sometimes I imagine the worst apocalyptic scenarios. I wonder if we’re going to end up like I Am Legend.

Do you have any suggestions for staying active?

There’s so much to do at home that I can’t even sit down for a minute.  Food, laundry, dishes, cleaning…

How does this process evolve when there is a kid in the house?

It’s fun in general, we play a lot of games, but sometimes it’s exhausting. I have minor breakdowns when he’s grumpy. 

Are there any series you’ve binge-watched during this process? 

We watched Euphoria and Succession. I loved Euphoria. We’ve seen more movies then series, we watch a movie every night.

Do you have any new habits that you’ve acquired during this period?

Probably like the rest of the world, I’ve become overly hygienic.  

What do you expect to change in your personal routine after all this ends?

Sometimes I imagine the worst apocalyptic scenarios. I wonder if we’re going to end up like I Am Legend. If that happens, I think there will be a big change.  If not, I think my life will pick up where it left off, just a bit more careful.    

How much has the role of technology changed in your life?

I used to be a slave to technology, and I still am, so nothing has changed.

What do you do to figure out the socialization problem?

I talk to my friends via Facetime and Houseparty. I attend Coweed parties at Zoom. I’m sending nudes to girls on Instagram.

Which social media channel do you spend more time on?

Instagram, Youtube, Twitter.

What are you going to do first when everything is back to normal?

I’ll probably go to my mom and dad. 

This or That

A book?

Kurumuş Yeşil Bitkiler, Merve Göntem 

A movie?

Color Out of Space 

A song?

Rituel, She Past Away 

Cologne or disinfectant?


Facetime or Houseparty?


Tiktok or Instagram?


Interview Duygu Bengi
Photography Burcu Karademir