Prada Cinéma Evolution is inspired by oneiric power of film. It presents a transformational fantasy of a dream. The film for the project evolves around personal memories of a female identity. Prada Cinéma Evolution shows fantasies with a surprising and amusing angle.

The campaign film shows a personal and lively memories of a young woman. The film is created with four scenes, a commercial, an unexpected sound, a reflection in a mirror and a birthday cake. The campaign has a narrative which triggers a playful dichotomy between perspective and perception. It asks the question “Are you the observer or the observed?” The stars of the film are the new Prada eyewear of the new Prada Cinéma Evolution.

The products of the collection have the elements of unusual combination of contemporary aesthetics and sophisticated femininity. The Prada Cinéma eyewear collection includes oversized frames with metal elements. The brand also kept its temples with its original look which is the flat design of the iconic eyewear collection.

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