Featured in our November issue, Australian musician, Woodes, penned us a playlist.

Jack Grace – The Hill

I heard this song through a friend that’s currently working on a remix for Jack & I’ve been listening to the original on repeat whilst riding. I saw Jack play last week in Melbourne and he’s incredible at playing keys. Really seamless set. The beats too. Damn.

Jack Garratt – The Love You’re Given

I’m a bit behind on this one – I remember hearing it everywhere but not shazaming it or like finding out who it was. I’ve recently taken up contemporary dance and this is in the playlist at class & dancing to it is the best feeling. I’ve always loved dance but have felt too lanky and tall. So it’s been neat to try something new. I came home from my first class and produced a cover of this track straight up. The sample is great too. Really tasteful.

Keaton Henson – (Behaving) The River

I’ve been a fan of Keaton’s raw song writing for a long time. It’s so beautiful and sad and taps into the heart pretty directly. I loved his early acoustic stuff and then he did the orchestral “Romantic Works” as a follow up and is now doing electronics under the name “Behaving”. It’s pretty loose in parts but it’s been really cool to hear something electronic that isn’t locked into a grid. The outro is pretty special. Recommend the whole release.  Been listening to it a lot this week.

Banoffee – Oceans

It’s nice to see artists getting the recognition they deserve. Martha/ Banoffee has been an artist I’ve admired for a while & she’s based here in Melbourne. She does awesome fashion cross overs and each time I see her play live she is so dorky and lovely. This track is my favourite from her latest EP. The chopped vocals “Said you’re never gonna stop” 3/4s through is real tight.

James Blake – Sound of Silence (Cover)

UGH this. I saw the title after it premiered on 1-800 Dinosaur show on BBC Radio 1 and dropped everything. Just got out my headphones and pressed play, sat in silence, then linked it to everyone I knew…James is one of my favourite producers/vocalists and this is one of my favourite songs… he definitely did it justice. I’m so ready for his new album. The moment that lands it’ll be another drop everything moment.