MusicNovember 12, 2018

How would you put rhythms in between what the nature reminds you ? How to reach a song to its listeners ? He has taken a break for 4 years but he is back now, the producer/DJ Ozoyo shares all his samples which are mixed with lo-fi/hip-hop elements with his audience and exemplifies a new kind of Turkish alternative music sound. Being inspired by not happening voyages, growth of plants, stars and reflection of planets, he lets us be isolated from the stress of daily life.

Consumer would not accept a new type of music, they just want to keep listening the same. 

How did you start forming your “Laid-back” work ?

I think it started 4 years ago, when I have decided to come back in the music industry. Until 2008, I have had used a different nickname to put out my songs. Back at university, I had started collecting old records. The idea of using all the records and create an original mix came out and Ozoyo was born.

What does Ozoyo get inspired by ? How do you relate the nature concept and your last work Plantarium art work which reflects its name and aesthetics very well ?

The room that I do my work and sleep at contains lots of plants, so for me to see all of them growing and to water them makes me feel good. Plantarium is a story of a man and a woman who go behind the plants as shown in the video. As of terminology, our choice was Planetarium. Planetarium is the terminology which is given to halls  that reflects the made-after visuals of stars and planets on the ceiling. Eventually, I have removed the latter « e » and transformed it as a name of an instrumental in the concept of a house with a lot of plants in it. More precisely, the procedure kind of brought me up to that point.

How was Plantarium formed as an inviting video to a neon world ? How would you explain the story ?

Frankly, it was formed by the drawings of our neon world art director Hazal Hidir. In terms of style, I have not really contributed to the creation process of the video. I have had imagined of the story and the concept but the creation process has caused some changes in the story, but we were able to keep the beginning and the ending. Drawings of Hazal Hidirli also got heaten up by Ahmet Ispirli and the result was perfect for us.

Your performances have some of a vibe which gives us a calm affect and brings us away from the stress of the daily life. But what about Ozoyo, what does he do apart from music ?

To be able to create the songs, I listen to a lot of music, actually a standard day of mine includes 90% of listening to music and doing other stuff while listening to it. Maybe it might sound cliché but this is really what I just do.

What is the importance of being on road and going for an adventure in the production process for you personally ?

I recommended you to listen to my first published record EP Wanderlust. Its general concept is about being on road and traveling.

How did you get influenced by the underground music of Germany where you have spent a long time at ?

The period when I was at Germany made me not be able to do anything else other than music. I have performed in four different cities, to meet people who love music was very delighting for me. Rather than having an impact on my music, I have discovered many places to listen to good quality records of music.  Especially in Berlin, they organize special events at which you can listen to your interest of music type at different places. The best part is that they are not too expensive so it always keeps the music dynamic over there.

What is the best and the worst parts of doing alternative music in Turkey ?

There is still no enough events for electronic music platforms and this is one of the hardest parts for me because this is a proof of what type of music the public is actually interested in. Consumer is not open-minded about a new music platform, but the same ones. In my opinion, comparing to the other countries in Turkey there is no easier way to work in this industry.

What is the must-have song of your playlist ?

Not must-have, but I listen often to Nosaj Thing – Get Like nowadays.

What is more important for you while the procedure of creation; rhythms of melody ?

It changes all the time, sometimes drums are dominant and sometimes melody or sample.

Are there any upcoming projects ?

For the moment, we don’t have an exact date, but there is a new single coming out.

Photography By: Ozan Tezvaran
Author: Ozan Tezvaran