The world already feels the pastel hues hearing the name Timothée Chalamet. Futura-fonted archives of Wes Anderson movies are set to welcome him with its pur beauty of imagery. It is rumoured as Anderson’s next live-action movie is titled The French Dispatch, is being filmed in south western France, and will star regular Wes Anderson actors including Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, and Bill Murray, and wait for it… Timothee Chalemet.

Wes Anderson

It is said, the film will be a “love letter to journalists” in 20th century Paris, set at an outpost for an American newspaper. Anderson, known for iconic films from The Royal Tenenbaums to The Grand Budapest Hotel, as well as this year’s Isle of Dogs…Chalamet is already nominated for a Golden Globe and expected to be up for an Oscar for his role in Beautiful Boy, a searing true-life drama about a father and son’s relationship while the son (played by Chalet) battles with addiction. He’s also set to be filming Denis Villeneuve’s space epic Dune remake prior to his role in Anderson’s movie. So much more to come in the life of extraordinary Mr Chalamet.

Timothee Chalemet

Hotel Budapest