It is day 2 for Paris Fashion Week. And It is elegant, abstract and colourful than ever before…


According to the statistics, Off-White is the « World’s Official Hottest Brand », Virgil Abloh’s genius vision in fashion brings the benefits of success in the house. The show has been placed in Musée du Louve, in Paris. As usual, the creative director of Off-White uses bold colours on his collections. The « Public Television » themed fashion show was inspired from 90’s as we can also understand from the looks chosen which are oversized down jackets and bottoms completed as a skater boy from 90’s. The football helmets are used for the most top looks this season in PFW,  by Virgil Abloh. Rapper Playboi Carti and Offset were guest models on Off-White’s show.

J.W Anderson

The Irish designer re-moved back to Paris Fashion Week and held his fashion show yesterday. The collection was inspired by the artist Paul Thek, specifically his works called « The Personal Effects » and « Pied Pipers » series. He follows up with the trends of this season and chooses his main pieces to be oversized coats, knitwear and lots of patterns which we have been seeing a lot on the runway these days. J.W Anderson’s collaboration with Converse played a key role of inspiration on his footwear in the collection.

To add on a side note: The designer has had stopped designing both women’s and men’s collections together but he put his name back on the place on this fashion week.

Acne Studios

This seasons the looks had a fresh sense in the meaning. Johan Johansson was inspired from the counter cultures and he explained his inspiration within’ words, “I wanted to imagine our counter-cultures which then morph together, with their own ways of living and surviving.” Yung Taco took over the Instagram account of the brand during the show to make us watch it on his perspective. He has shared his pre-show mood in the stories of the official account, too. The looks had soft green suits, sleeveless knitwear tops with zipper as a front detail and neutral shaded velvet oversized trousers.


Camel coat and pattern orients: we did not think they would match ; but indeed they did perfectly! The key idea behind this collection was to use artistic patterns on the simple wardrobe essentials such as a camel coat, jean shirt or also keeping the whole look very simple and popping it out using bold coloured details on the accessories. Everything was, again, one more time, oversized, very large and bold but Valentino focused on the bags and designed a hand-held bag line in variety of shades and fabrics. At the same time, Piccoli wanted to re-create the modern version of free, and fluid suit look.

Pierpaolo Piccoli, the creative director of Valentino also revealed the collaboration with Californian brand Birkenstock. The model is all black with big, white letters of « VLTN » on it. The collaboration is named as Valentino x Birkenstock Arizona Sandal and will be released at selective Valentino boutiques and on both brands’ website, for online purchasing. Piccoli also explains the reason of him working behind the Birkenstock is that Birkenstock in « the opposite of a couture brand » which is a clear sign of wanting to change brand’s style over to another inspirational phase.


The show was soundtracked by Giant Swan. Raf Simons states his inspiration point as, « “I wanted to do something abstract and beautiful and elegant and proud and sophisticated, but without losing the edge of what the brand stands for: the young generation, the dark movies.“ We can apparently see the sophistication of long coats harmonised with dark movies as he keeps the mood in black and dark shades overall the collection. The prints which Raf has used are from David Lynch’s movies. The designer who is also still non-stop inspired by Andy Warhol states also that he is into what is not fashion and he is looking for the inspiration over the art pieces and movies. We are very curious to see where the designer will go after his exit from Calvin Klein.