Oscars 2017 Recap – Based Style

NewsFebruary 27, 2017
Oscars 2017 Recap – Based Style

It’s Timberlake who starts the show – how can a show go wrong with Timberlake singing Can’t Stop The Feeling? That’s the reason why everyone started the 2017 Oscars with a standing ovation.

Mahershala Ali… We’d like to leave it at his name, because no words will capture what he has done during the 11-ish minutes he was on Moonlight.

About 15 minutes after that, Viola Davis made us cry like little children on Christmas morning, receiving the toy they’ve been wanting for for the previous 364 days. Yes, Naomie Harris might have been our favorite, however when a job is rightfully done, there is nothing left to say.

At one point there were the clueless group of people who happened to be on a tour around LA, hoping to spot celebrities, who spotted every celebrity alive. Seriously. If we were to make a decision to go on a celebrity tour in LA, we’d be made fun of for the rest of the year, let alone spot even a D-lister. Thank you Oscars, for making “regular people” feel “un-regular.”

At one point John Legend butchered “City of Stars.” WTF?

Manchester by the Water – only you can make it okay for La La Land to lose any award. And Casey Afflec – you’re the sh*t.

Well then began the winning streak for La La Land… Production design, cinematography, film score, song (duh), directing, and movie… Not.


Author: Alara Kap