IWC is not just a watch manufacturer yet a partnership and a connection. To represent this idea the brand launched their online magazine #IWCJournal, which publishes stories that capture the true element of IWC. In the journal, there are interviews with people who have extraordinary talent. The journal is a way of partnering with its customers and understating the passion they share for beautiful things in life. Ronan Keating is one of the examples for this partnership. He has a long-term relationship with IWC. He says, he still remembers the moment, getting his first IWC watch and fell in love with it. He jokes for having too many watches and he can wear different one each day for a year. He can talk about watches passionately all day long. Speaking of passion, his successful career began at 16 with a boyband called Boyzone. Now he is a successful solo artist. He talked to IWC #TheJournal about his rituals before hitting the stage. IWC was invited to spent time with him for a night. Sit back and explore the world of Ronan Keating.


Last 36 Hours of Ronan Keating

Wake up in London

Feed two-month-old, change diapers

Finish packing bags

Choose watches: “This part is very important to me. Just before I leave for a trip, I’ll see which outfits I’ll be a wearing and I’ll pair them with watches. I’ve got a little watch roll, and I pack two or three.”

Drive to Heathrow airport

Kiss wife and baby goodbye

Catch flight to Berlin

Drive straight to the venue

Soundcheck with the band

Dinner with the band

Back to the dressing room

Pre-show routine

Get dressed

Say a few prayers

Do one song with the band

Head to the stage

Hour-and-a-half show

Back to the hotel

Dinner with manager, glass of wine

Go to bed: “I didn’t sleep very well last night. I’m not great at sleeping in hotels which is unfortunate.”

Wake up

Go to the gym

Eat breakfast

Send e-mails

Back to hotel room, pack bags

Go to airport

Fly to Zurich

Straight to the hotel

Go for a walk around town

Eat dinner

Back to the hotel to start this interview.



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