Nobuyoshi Araki: Self Life Death

Arts & CultureJune 20, 2016
Nobuyoshi Araki: Self Life Death

Nobuyoshi Araki: Self Life Death is a collection of photographs from Araki’s lifelong work. His images are potent in a manner that challenges social taboos surrounding life and death.

“I often try and take a perfect and complete picture but then at the same time deliberately add some kind of imperfection. It’s all about how to avoid taking a perfect picture.”

This is how one could describe Araki’s aesthetic.

The pages we love;

Suicide In Karuizawa – In particular the portrait of a woman, and the couple embracing. For me this is Araki showing his most vulnerable side in photography.
Love In Winter – The bare breasted woman. The idea of such a simple image, is beauty in itself.

Nobuyoshi Araki: Self Life Death
Magnolia Culture: Husrev Gerede cad. No 94 Tesvikiye-Şişli Istanbul
Instagram: @magnoliaculture

Author: Tabitha Karp