How do you define being stylish?

A person who is not affected by external factors, and who is far from ordinary; someone unique. Basically, reflecting the person’s mood to his/her style.

Your rescue items when you can’t find anything to wear?

I use pieces that are dominantly black and plain as often as possible. Black has always been irreplaceable for me. A bit mysterious, noble, and eye-catching.

What would you like to about on the street couture approach?

Why shouldn’t you make a difference with a piece you would wear on the street?

The most inspiring saying on fashion?

Fashion fades, style is eternal. -Yves Saint Laurent

How do you get introduced to a city you’ve been to for the first time? What part of the learning process of the city excites you?

What is important for me is the initial feeling a city gives me. My first introduction to the city starts with long walks on the streets. By seeing it’s texture and by living.

Your latest Instagram discovery?

I can’t specifically give one name. There are a lot of people and brands that I discovered, and I follow accounts that I enjoy and find inspiring.

How do you spend your Sundays?

I usually prefer spending it at my house, or by getting away from the city, if possible.

The best advice you heard?

If you believe in something, it will happen.

Your next travel destination?

I don’t know yet. But I would like to go on a small vacation soon.