Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection

NewsOctober 22, 2016
Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection

It’s 1984, Los Angeles, the first women’s marathon in the history of the Olympics… Joan Benoit Samuelson fired a revolution in 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 52 seconds. This victory invalidated the presumptions on women as being physically weak to endure such lengthy distances. This victory also allowed a group of women runners supported by Nike to promote the International Runners Committee (IRC) which they founded for years.

Benoit Samuelson’s performance in Los Angeles, and his famous quote “There is no finish line.” inspired Nike to continuously pursue their projects in supporting women athletes in all fields. It allowed for the birth of NikeWomen Marathon in 2003. Later on, this marathon helped to spread the word on the women’s movement all around the world and evolved to become the NikeWomen society. At the moment, over four million dedicated athletes run and practice together for the same goal of breaking boundaries.

Nike Beautiful X Powerful Collection celebrates this revolution led by Benoit Samuelson’s victory. Inspired by women athletes and their groundbreaking victories, Nike’s first shoe collection Nike Beautiful X Powerful is back with four iconic models.

Author: Defne Çağlar