Night Project

UnframedMay 1, 2017
Night Project

“During my trip to the USA several months ago, I became very interested in Bright Design through the works of James Turrell, James Clar and Carlo Bernardini. I wanted to orient myself towards a work of reflection, color and light mixing with photography. I had noticed that I was more sensitive to specific lights. There were passages of the day where I obtained the photographic rendering that I wanted. Little by little, this style confirmed. When I came back from the United States, I wanted going to China to continue working light.”

“I started urban photography from 2013-2014 in the USA. I had wanted to make a long journey to refocus, to rediscover myself. I already had a strong interest in street photography. This is a style that I felt was true and pure photography. Juggle between the spontaneous and the rapidity of the moment, to capture the right moment, get the good light by only walking; this is an instinctive work that matches with me very well.”

“The mix of colors, lights and contrast between traditional and ultra-modern.”

“Indeed, I do many miles by walk indeed to find the moment that I like. Chance and the eye do the rest. I appreciate the atmosphere at night because I have impression of becoming invisible, forms are indistinct, rhythm is slow and calm, the streets are empty little by little. It gives way to exclusivity’ sense. As the world belonged to you a little more.”

Author: Defne Çağlar