Nazlı Çelebi: Lines and Stories

UnframedDecember 10, 2017
Nazlı Çelebi: Lines and Stories

Nazlı’s inspiration is hidden in her life. How can one stay away from drawing when s/he grows up in a family of interior architects, painters and sculptors? “I grew up among Flo-Masters in hundreds of flowers, rapido pens and rulers of all sizes, and giant papers. That’s why, ever since I could hold a pen, I’ve always had a surface to draw on and stories to tell born from my imagination,” she says as she talks about the beginning of her ceaseless adventure with empty papers. It was inevitable that she was going to become an architect, but – as drawing has become more and more digitized – she quickly realized that she didn’t want to be an architect who works sitting at a table, and took an interest in illustration to carry her candid relationship with fine arts a step further. In time, her illustrations turned into animation, resulting from her passion to “tell more.”

“After drawing illustrations for some time, I realized that it wasn’t enough for me to draw immobile stories, so I started making short animations with my illustrations on songs I enjoy. This helped me see that I could tell more than what I could in a single image because I have a million things I can tell in small details and animation makes me feel freer.”

As Nazlı tells new stories in a colorful world where she’s in constant renovation, we cannot wait to know her better!

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Author: Duygu Bengi