Some people are inspiring because of their beauty, some because of their lifestyle, some because of their taste, and some because they are insanely cool. A few who are left are inspiring because they just, are. Natalie Joos belongs to the latter group. You probably know her from her blog, Tales of Endearment, or through following all the it-girls, but that’s not enough, is it?

A lot of people claim that they want to be in the fashion in- dustry but don’t have the capacity to create a job for them- selves to fit in. You started your own casting company in 2003 and have been going strong ever since. How has your journey progressed?

I was a Casting Agent for more than 10 years. Early in 2010 the economic crisis hit my business and I was stuck without work for 4 months. So I started thinking of ways to occupy my time and mind. I came up with the idea to launch a blog about vintage and to zinspire designers. Tales of Endearment was born in April 2010. By the end of 2012 the blog had become pretty popular and so time-consuming that I didn’t have time for casting anymore. Since 2013 I have just focused on my Tales. I am now working on my book and also launched a vintage e-commerce platform. Next is my move to LA to fully immerse myself in a new life!

When you go to a fashion show, how do you juggle observing models and observing the clothing?

Interesting question. It’s hard. Sometimes you have to cho- ose. And more than that: it’s not just about the models or the clothes. I am a photographer and I always try to get the money shot too. I get a kick out of creating beautiful images from my seat. I shoot with a Sony XR100-2, not my phone.

Can you describe that “click” you get when you find the right model for a job?

You always have pre-conceived ideas about how a certain shoot or campaign will look. So sometimes you find the model who fits right in that box. But other times, you have to recreate your concept with whomever you had to settle for, which is the exciting part occasionally. It’s challenging.

Tales of Endearment might just be the most influential blog in fashion, although we’d rather call it a lifestyle website. What sparked this venture in you?

I just wanted to show people, and especially designers what amazing vintage pieces you can find on-line, in stores and in people’s closets.

You mix and match prints and colors like it’s no body’s busi- ness. How did your childhood in Belgium affect your sense of style?

Oh dear, not at all. I was born with a sense of happiness and feeling for colors. I’ve never been a gloomy person. Except the time in high school when I had pimples and wore black leather jackets. Belgians love to wear black in general. May- be that’s why I moved. Because I wasn’t feeling it…

What is your daily process in front of your closet? Do you pick outfits for certain occasions on the spot or days beforehand?

For events I usually borrow stuff from designers. If it’s a big to-do, themed party I will spend some time requesting. Other times I just pick from my closet. No shortage there…


“I was born with a sense of happiness and feeling for colours. I’ve never been a gloomy person. Except the time in high school when I had pimples and wore black leather jackets.”

Your expertise is to match the right models with the right shows. How does one become successful in the casting world?

Contacts! That’s all it is. There is no skill required, just a good eye, keeping up to date with newbie’s, and relati- onships with agents and clients.

Since you are always on the go, traveling to new places regularly, how does it affect your career and your taste?

My travels give me a boost of energy and satisfy my curiosity. They also pro- vide me with ample stuff to write about, and replenish my blog pages. And this in turn draws the interest from clients in the hospitality industry for example. I don’t think travel changes your taste, it just broadens it.