Working as if to prove the statement “There is no coincidence when it comes to success” he evokes admiration with his mind and attitude, seeing the whole picture when it comes to his work… How many designers do you know who know the A to Zs of their brand; from the story of a shirt’s pocket detail to marketing and communication? Yes, now it’s time to talk about Murat Türkili; with his self-confidence and collected sentences… Right here!.

How was your transition from industrial design to fashion? If we go back to the time when you decided to focus your designs on fashion, what was it that led you to it?

Turkey didn’t have an institution or university where I could get a fashion education in the1990s, and in order for me to improve my formation, ODTU’s Industrial Product Design department was the most ideal choice. All through my education I correlated every project to fashion, so my focus has always been on fashion. During my university years, I had the chance to work part-time at the Beymen Kızılay store, this was very beneficial for me to train my fashion eye simultaneously with my education. Long story short, I didn’t transition to fashion, I started in a field parallel to it.

You have a position which could be defined as a key point in the Turkish fashion industry. This seemingly perfect title means producing three original brands and six collections a year… Can you talk about your schedule?

It’s very busy and demands serious devotion. The responsibilities require you to be in love with your job. The process of preparing a collections is very tiring but exciting at the same time. Since its creator experiences many feelings simultaneously ending in great happiness when it’s complete, every collection gives me the feeling as if a new baby is born.

What do you do to enjoy yourself during this endless cycle of producing collections?

I can’t describe the pleasure I get from drinking green tea with mint and a slice of lemon when I’m very tired. Other than that, spending time with my friends, working out and going to the cinema also gives me joy of course.

Which of these three brands is closer to Murat Türkili’s wardrobe?

Every collection has many pieces that are “me.” So willingly or unwillingly, they all have features to be “me.” I guess in this sense, the men and women Academia collections takes up a greater percentage.

Beymen Club continually surprises us with each season, can you tell us about the eventual changes of this brand?

Beymen Club has a soul that feeds off from tradition, adapting it to modern times. It presents a very big treasure with new additions every season. There is a great investment in Beymen Club not only as a product but also for the necessities of being a brand from marketing to advertisement, to the stores and the personnel. This change in energy is very apparent and it’s felt and appreciated by our customers through the last few seasons.
Cinsiyet ve sezon kavramları öğrenilmiş dayatmalar olmakla birlikte, yaşam şartları ve şekilleri değiştiği sürece bu kavramların da değiştiğini ve alışkanlıkların yıkıldığına tanık oluyoruz. Bütün bunların temelinde özgürlük ve bireysellik yatıyor.
Gender and season are collectively taught impositions, as conditions and styles of living change, we witness these concepts changing and these habits destroyed. On the basis of all this, there is freedom and individuality.

Details play a great role in Beymen Club, mcreating a very rich story! Could you tell us how these stories are reflected in the collection?

When details are processed, stories are created and then ideas are drawn from this; these ideas find life in 3D forms. In order to complete the stories, details are very important, the desired sensation is transferred to the reader this way. I see it almost like a scenario being narrated through a film. Keeping the spirit of Beymen through the stories we design, we try to catch the identities of each and every character and the whole they represent as a form.

Can you tell us the story behind the current Beymen Club collection?

For the 2016 Spring/Summer season we prepared a collection based on confident characters, refined tastes and an intellectual knowledge of the cosmopolitan man and woman, differentiating by exotic lines and patterns, with ethnic textures in the forefront, whilst nurtured by various cultures and tastes.

What is your favorite look for Beymen Club’s women this summer?

I like to unite the Beymen Club African patterned yellow pencil skirt with the short sleeved dark blue-white gingham blouse. Then you have a fresh summer style and tasteful contrast by mixing the patterns.

Why do you think the idea of “If I’m going to pay a certain amount of money, I should spend it on foreign brands” is so dominant in Turkey?

We are not a mature and satisfied country in this sense. Also we’ve been fooled by quality products in the past. Thus, the ones who think that way do so in order to avoid feeling tricked and fooled.

You’ve said that what excites you in the fashion world is the future. How do you define this period where differences of gender and season are freed from constrictions? Does the future remain exciting?

The future is always exciting for me. Fashion shouldn’t only be seen as clothing but a lifestyle as well. Gender and season are collectively taught impositions, as conditions and styles of living change, we witness these concepts changing and these habits destroyed. On the basis of all this, there is freedom and individuality.

Today social media and fashion nurture one another. How do you evaluate this situation?

The development of new communication technologies and not having limits affect many fields in social life and has a decisive role in marketing and communication strategies. I think social media and fashion move one another forward considering how social media causes brands to get recognized more, where one can follow the competition, and there is accessibility and a maximum speed to reach products and trends for the consumer. They, in return, can share their experiences with the products. Furthermore, it’s a strong platform for both famous and unknown brands to share their designs without an ad budget and doing their own PR.

Putting aside magazines and the Internet, what people and events inspire you?

My travels and my friends.

Thinking about people’s fashion perspectives and comments, what are the issues that make you say “One would wish that…”?

Concerning fashion, one would wish that people are able to maintain calm when determining their styles or interpreting it…

Who is one of your newest discoveries that we should keep an eye on?

Paula Gerbase and Ryan Lo.

Qualities in a woman that makes her attractive for you?

Calm, stylish and self-confident.

What is a favourite song from your playlist nowadays?

Portishead- The Rip.