Movement, lightness and functionality; that’s how Rami Narin defines fashion. When the French fashion house Lacoste, known for its iconic crocodile logo, combines comfort and mobility with elegance in an underwear collection, something extraordinary happens. While the collection aims to write the codes of effortless but eye-catching style, Rami Narin gives life to the timeless spirit of the brand with his high energy and coolness.

For Rami, being in front of the camera is an incredible pleasure and also a creative process. He also considers being in the moment and being able to stay in the moment as the main material of this creation process. While this creative philosophy forms the foundation of his life, being in the moment is also a must for his acting. He says that this is his philosophy of life, and adds that a person can only be happy, or even exist, as long as they can create both in their work and in their private life.

Tracksuit top&bottom: Lacoste Boxer: Lacoste

Rami says that his enthusiasm for acting began in his high school years, but he only started dreaming about acting during his college years. He honestly opens up about not being a dreamer, but he says that over time, his idea of dreaming changed as he began to see life from the right angle.

Tshirts: Lacoste Boxer: Lacoste Pants: Lacoste
Polo Tshirt: Lacoste Sweatshirt: Lacoste Boxer: Lacoste Pants: Lacoste

He says that while the dynamics of the industry has evolved over time with our increasing screen time, actors and artists should be at the forefront of this change. Being a conscious pioneer so that the masses can keep up with this change also represents his point of view as an actor. It is also very important for him to be able to adapt to this change from the right place and improve himself.

Tshirts: Lacoste Boxer: Lacoste Pants: Lacoste Jacket: Lacoste
Tracksuit top&bottom: Lacoste Boxer: Lacoste Jacket: Lacoste

Being able to have an effortless but eye-catching style is also a personal interest in his everyday life. When asked about the place of fashion in his life, he says, “Fashion has always been at the center of my life. For me, it’s a source of pleasure and happiness in every way, just like being in front of the camera.” Rami argues that the style of a person is an important element in making a first impression. “You can definitely learn a lot about a person only by their style. But, of course, this should not turn into a prejudice”

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Polo Tshirt: Lacoste Sweatshirt: Lacoste Boxer: Lacoste Pants: Lacoste
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In short;

A film?

The Pursuit of Happyness

A character?


A line?

It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.

Your latest discovery on Netflix?

Squid Game, of course.

Who do you talk to the most on the phone?

With my number 3 brother

A New Year’s ritual?


What song can play non-stop?

Where is My Mind

Favorite outfit in your wardrobe?

My retro leather jacket.

Do you do sports?

Crossfit ve yoga

Your idol?

Keanu Reeves

Do you have any obsession?

Dressing and intimacy


Love what is, accept what is, but do not settle for what is.

What’s your most used word?


The best book adaptation in the movie?

Lord of the Rings

An app you’ll never give up on?


Your phone background?

Pray Trust Wait.

EIC Duygu Bengi
Photographed by Zeynep Özkanca
Fashion Editor Aras Kılıç
Editor Dilan Günaçtı
Hair by İbrahim Alan
MUA Barış YIlmaz
Styling Assistant Zeynep Kerpişçi