From Freddie Mercury to Adam Lambert men wearing makeup in performance is nothing new and drag culture has long been in existence.  What’s new is seeing men fronting billboards and launching products with their faces on in an industry that is still seen as a predominantly female domain.

Ensuing the emergence of male beauty influencers within the past quinquennium a slew of makeup brands from Milk Makeup to Tarte, Stila and Benefit used social media as a space to diversify, featuring said male beauty bloggers to help promote their lines which then led to full-blown beauty campaigns.

As we continue to evolve into a century of inclusiveness, diversity and individuality the society seems to be embracing the shift between assumed gender roles and the deconstruction of the reconditioned notion of makeup. Makeup worn buy men had long been a common occurence in some Asian countries like South Korea with male idols becoming the ambassadors of various makeup brands. Western brands followed as the de-stigmatization of men wearing makeup ensued.

With the inclusion of Troye Sivan and Donte Colley as faces in their campaign, Glossier recently  joined a growing number of brands who are contributing in male representation in beauty advertising. Sivan has also been chosen as the new ambassador for Mac’s Viva Glam Campaign. The brand has championed diversification for a long time with their motto “All Ages, All Races, All Genders.” Luka Sabbat, James Charles, Patrick Starr, Manny MUA are a few other men who have collaborated with well-known makeup brands. Additionally, prestige beauty brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford have branched out into men’s make-up with BOY DE CHANEL and Tom Ford for Men, respectively.

This blossoming development in representation in the beauty industry is nothing less than a promising indication of inclusivity and de-stigmatization. Here’s to equality!