One of the founders of “A Day of Design”, Mehmet Yücebaşoğlu makes every place different with his imaginative touch. He is being closely followed by world-famous brands! In addition to the works he’s been producing, since starting his own office, he makes a difference with his own style as well. We asked Yücebaşoğlu about his favourite objects.

La Chaise – Charles & Ray Eames

From my earliest recollection this armchair, designed in 1948, is one of the designs I’ve always admired. It was also the first piece of furniture I bought when I moved into my house 9 years ago. I even had a tattoo of it done on my wrist.


Marble Globe

I bought it in April 2015 on my Marrakech trip and I like its energy a lot.


Hermes Ashtray

It’s a 30th birthday gift by my closest friends.


Driade Candelabra

I first saw and fell for this ‘Simon’ candelabra at Aziz Sarıyer’s house. It was designed by Borek Sipek in 1989. Later I bought one for myself. I use it very often.


Marble Lampshade

I bought it at the flea market in Berlin when I went there for my birthday in April 2015. Although it’s quite heavy, I brought it here by hand luggage hand with the help of my friend Suela. I don’t know anything about it, who designed it or which decade it belongs to… Still, it suits my house very well.