Meeting with Ancestors: Romane Iskaria

UnframedSeptember 26, 2023
Meeting with Ancestors: Romane Iskaria

Has the past truly remained in the past? Following her inspiration in Turkey after a journey, Romane Iskaria delves into the essence of Tur Abdin in cross-cultural connections, rediscovering the region’s cultural fabric through her project named “Enūma eliš,” reconnecting with her Syriac roots. In fact, she answers our initial question through her quest to find her place. Perhaps that’s why Romane, after her search, doesn’t just show the truth ‘as it is in front of my eyes.’

Through not only her compositions and use of light but also with symbolism, she ‘isolates and liberates people in thoughtful moments.’ Romane Iskaria, who carries traces of the connection between past and future, emphasizes that in “Enume elis,” people want to ‘reconnect with their deepest selves’ and opens up opportunities, particularly for future generations, while also valuing ‘these invisible communities.

The emotions evoked by Istanbul in you? 

What is the goal?

Can dreams never end?

Do nightmares have any positive aspects?

Past or future?

Where does a person belong?

Do national borders hold any meaning?

Can challenging experiences or fears hold unexpected benefits?

Author: Ceydanur Demir