Matthew Brandt is a force to be reckoned with in a sense that his art is truly something you haven’t seen before; it’s original. Soaking images in parts of lakes he takes pictures of, his “Lakes and Reservoir” series encompasses a true melding of nature and digital art. Continue on for further facts.

  1. This approach came to him upon learning about color photography, while he was studying about multi-colored layers of a Chromogenic print, around the time when he was interested in incorporating actual subjects of a photograph into the process itself.
  2. He tries his best to let a subject or process determine the outcome.
  3. He enjoys embracing chance and surprises.
  4. He likes the feeling of effortlessness of an image.
  5. He thinks creativity is translating observation.
  6. He would like his last picture to be of his gravestone.
  7. He is trying to figure out why he makes art, although he’s been doing it since childhood.
  8. He thinks both a painter and a photographer lie equally.