EditorialOctober 1, 2016

Growing up in the 90s was both good and bad;

iTunes wasn’t yet invented – you’d have to wait patiently for your favourite song to come up in front of the radio with your hand on the record button. Listening to that cassette with impulsive changes had it’s own delight. Well, when the songs were recorded the way they were, the tape would be a “mixed” one.

You didn’t have an Instagram account either, for example, who wore what where was a mystery, however you had those ripped chucks with your favorite band’s name scribbled in ink on them, that was enough for you…

Millennium was a scary thing. You didn’t feel comfortable counting back the last seconds of 1999. You’d expect an alien to walk through the door, saying “Hello earthlings, we’re not your friends.” Thankfully you had the paper-cut fortune on your fingers which would show you your future.

The world wasn’t globalized back then, there wasn’t global villages. You only had your neighborhood, it was beautiful, it was enough…


Author: Duygu Bengi