“Might have to start writing songs 4 Dj Khaled and Selene Gomez to get heard.” These words are echoing through the music industry, as said by M.I.A, who is suggesting that her album, Matahdatah – the follow up to Matangi – could be her last, as was suggested in her previous tweets, which she has deleted since. So far issues involving her US visa application were preventing her from pursuing her career in the States and so, in a series of comments over twitter, M.I.A made it clear her distaste of the US system and its foreign policy.

To this, M.I.A stated; “I am handing my last LP in to my American label this week,” she announced. “I don’t have visa 4 states to promote or spk! (sic)”

So far M.I.A has released a handful of LPs from Matahdatah, including Swords and Borders, all laced with politically driven words intended to address the refugee crisis and current global political conflict, with her latest, Rewear It, aimed at promoting Global Recycle Week.

Overall, the actual release date of Matahdatah is still on the back burner and it has yet to be announced.