Eda is a carrier of timeless lines… For her luxury means power ; luxury clothing means an attitude. Her target niche is the woman who knows what she wants, has self confidence and respects her own body. As she is growing her new brand, M.O.F.C ,Museum of Fine Clothing we are interviewing her about being an experienced designer and a woman in the fashion industry.

As if everything has been done previously, as if nothing is left for us to do. That is why when some ideas came out at first ; in 40’s, 50’s I would love to be able to design. 

What was your motivation to start your own brand ?

To design pieces which worth to wear all the time ! My personal need to have high quality sewing, easily worn and well designed pieces shaped the essentials of my way to design as well. Freedom of creation comes first above all the reasons.

In the industry, which one is prioritized : ready-to-wear or haute couture ?

To help people get ready for special events makes you have a deeper relationship with them. Your limits become wider and your pieces gets more unique each time. Ready-to-wear is another category which is able to reach wider audiences, which has a specific logic and it is just a picture to be seen completely. Both is needed in the industry. In the latest years « prêt-e-couture » mindset takes much away from haute couture. A lot of brand charms the consumer by putting out the designer dresses out as if ready-to-wear pieces. The consumer demands collections to be easily accessible, and highly fastened.

How would you signify a « M.O.F.C woman » ?

M.O.F.C woman is a woman who lives the real world, who cares about her mind and body, who is socially active, highly cultivated, who has a taste in life and who is found to be very impressive by others.

What does « luxury » mean to you ?

Luxury, means showing power. Luxury clothing is an attitude. And luxury clothing is the one which has high quality fabrics and which was made with high technical sewing skills.

How do you decide what to focus on in decision making process ?

I try to focus on a deeper meaning of a specific detail during my design process and I let it affect me. While I am making my research I try to discover different fabrics and textures, while I try to find that spesific detail. At the end, when everything is at one place, I form my pieces staying true to the disciplinaries of my brand. In time, it is possible that designers form the same vibes and designs for their brands. Time to time, to have recognizably similar design created by different brands is because of people’s view of having the same perspectives and having the same issues and topics in their lives.

What is the signature design of Eda Gungor ?

I think my way of application of pleating and draping are my special personal technics. That is why my pieces are recognizable to know that are mine when seen.

In the streets of Istanbul, what is the type of profile to be seen ? Do you think that the city has a special language of itself ?

I think that there is a specific profile in the city. The districts such as  Cihangir, Nisantasi, Beyoglu have their own textures and their own people. When these mix up, it gets easier to realize the mosaique of culture which is really needed in our country.

What is the trend you would « never » go for ?

I don’t really think I have a « never » one, but I would not be willing to wear on  each single piece of one specific brand as one look with the shoes, the belt, and bag from the same brand is never my stye.

What is the definition of « being timeless » ?

The mood of being timeless, is my way of designing. To design clothes, putting an expiration date or setting a period of time for it would not carry the pieces to the future. This is  most important reason behind vintage is adopted by the big fashion houses. Fashion should be timelessness.

At what point does a brand reach timelessness ?

If it is unique, if it has a signature and the design criterias are made of good elements then it becomes a brand which is worth to wear whenever. And all these conditions need to be stabilized by successful brand management.

If you had the opportunity to choose, what period of fashion would you want to be a designer at ?

There are some points which we are choke of inspiration. To design something which was never designed, this mission becomes your desire. Everything is as if everything was designed in the past and as if there is nothing else left to design for us. That is why, I would have wished to be a designer back in 40’s and 50’s. Of course, right now, there are a lot of technologies out there waiting to be discovered as well but I do not believe that there is one which would be really exclusive and very recent. In this new world, putting the old and the new together may be the main idea of styling. Personally, I think that our century’s most important invention is sneaker.

What are the difficulties which you go through as a creative woman and an entrepreneur ?

Creativity starts where you are at and it always wants to be improved. We want to go abroad of this country and widen our horizon, and we really need it. To stay  local makes a designer become slower and lazier. Though, this is a national issue. Several countries’ domestic incomes are their fashion houses. And in the world, the most preferable, the most admired many designers are supported by private corporations. We also need to be supported. In this country, a designer is someone who takes care of himself/herself and is stated as such a « small entrepreneur ». We could have a better place in the world, we are good enough for the mission !

What would you recommend for the beginners of the fashion industry ?

They need to keep being unique. It is important to improve themselves and to keep learning all the time. Knowledge is the most valuable thing. To have information about all the periods of fashion, to be able to preview future, to manage the ability of knowing all design components, technics and applications are the keys on your way to success.

What is an experience would you wish to know as a beginner of the path ?

A designer can’t achieve success solo. Our work is collectif. It requires a team of qualified people. Even if you create the best design in the world, it means nothing when you do not have the person to modelize and sew. When I have first started my adventure, I would have wished to know how to manage all the organization process and my team better.

Many designers use social media as a tool to grow their brand image. Are you a part of this, as well ?

Honestly, I do not use much of social media, I may be a little bit shy to it. But we are planning to express our story and show more and more on social media with our new team of my new brand M.O.F.C .

Do you think it is useful ?

Fashion is an industry which requires to forecast the futuristic objectives. And the future is changing very fast. As I am a strong believer of caring about others discipliners in the world as well, yes, I find it useful.

What is next for Eda Gungor ?

For me the next step is to make my brand spread out globally, to position it in the world and to make our country gain a new pride.