Luminor 8 Days Set

NewsApril 14, 2016
Luminor 8 Days Set

A manufacturer since 1993, Panerai merged with Vendôme, a part of Richemont Group in 1997. During those years, there were limited number of productions and these models succeeded to be the most wanted among collectioners’ market. Officine Panerai continues to be inspired from its own past in order to add attracting stories to its breathtaking collections and it presents a new two model Luminor 8 Day Set which was influenced from pre-Vendôme period. The collection is limited to only 500 pieces for watch enthusiasts.

For Panerai, the tradition of making left-handed watches began in 1940. Luminor Black Seal was first promoted with its left-handed version and the authentic and unique Luminor Daylight with its blue cursor and white indexed dial. Watches were inspired from vintage boxes of Luminor models and were prepared with a teak-base peach tree. Inside there is an SLC model from the private forces of Royal Italian Navy where Panerai watches and instruments are used.

Inspired by pre-historical times, Luminor Black Seal and Luminor Daylight will no doubt be the center of attention for watch enthusiasts.

Author: Tutku Çetinkaya