Liza Maneli

PeopleMarch 11, 2016
Liza Maneli

Actress and musician, Liza Maneli gives us a hint of her upcoming music project for Garcon Manqué.

What is music to you? Do you see music as purely personal?
For me music is a vision of emotional love and life. It’s personal because you give a part of yourself, it’s your emotion and you translate emotion into music.

Who is Garçon Manqué? What is this #workinprogress?
Garcon Manqué is a story of my friend Séverin and I. We wanted to do a collection of music together but we changed our plans. It’s now my project, solely, but we are still working on it together. It’s a compilation of my music. It will be under the genre of pop with French songs, about dancing and love. When I work on a song, it can sometimes be a really long process, and knowing which direction to take is difficult; it’s a work in progress.

Who are your parents?
My father was a producer for various shows for 10 years, and afterwards he owned four clubs in Strasbourg, the city where I was born. My mother is a mother.

What was playing in your house growing up?
I listened to French artists like Alain Souchon and Lenny Kravitz.

Did you grow up in Paris?
No I came to Paris when I was 17 years old and then again when I turned 30. I’m from Strasbourg but my parents are not French; my father is Italian and my mother is from Portugal.

Favourite French musician?
I love Gainsbourg, Bashung, Brel, Elie and Jacno Etienne Daho.

Your latest challenge?
To make my album.

One place to eat in Paris?
Nanashi is really good.

When you write a new song….
I write more when I listen to music or when I’m playing music.

Favorite music venue / bar in Paris?
I love la Cigale in Paris and l’Olympia to see a show.

Have you been to Istanbul?
No, but I would like to.

Last words?
Don’t take life too seriously. Make your dreams come true and see the world and love yourself.

Style Resume…
My Style: Décontracté cool, a little tomboy.

Beauty essentials?

I clean my face with Sanataria de Novella with rose water, it’s an Italian brand. I then hydrate with a Clarins cream and Clarins Orchid oil.

Author: Duygu Bengi