Linda Rodin

LifestyleMarch 1, 2016
Linda Rodin

Ms Rodin is awe-inspiring; with her beauty and brains and then the fact that she is the name behind the wildly successful beauty line, “Olio Lusso.” Her life is influenced by her travels and the people around her, especially her time spent in Italy. Here is Linda Rodin in a few simple words…

You are an inspiration for women everywhere. You are a model, a stylist, and an entrepreneur. How would you describe your job title?

I would say I don’t really have one! I am the founder and creative director of my brand and do so many other things. Lots of hats.

Can you tell us about your transition through your various careers… From teenage years to who you are now?

I’ve always followed my instincts and my creative passion. I never had any plans set for my life. I just went day by day and let one step inform the other.

You must have traveled a lot given your career in fashion. Can you tell us about the places you lived in / traveled to and how they influenced you?

I have been very lucky in my life. I moved to Italy when I was 18. I learned a new language and culture that changed my life. I met many people from all over the world. When I became a fashion stylist, I also got the opportunity to travel around the world while working. I don’t travel as much now, which is ok. I love being home with my doggie. Traveling is always seeing new and beautiful and unexpected things. They add layers and new ideas to ones life.

I read that you lived in Italy and you can speak Italian. Can you tell us about this particular time in your life. How did you come to live in Italy? What were you doing?

I actually went to Italy when I was 18 to follow a boyfriend who was living in Milano. I studied the language before I left New York, and became fluent after several months of living there. My boyfriend and I traveled all around Italy. It was wonderful. He left to return to America and I stayed for another 3 years.

Can you tell us about where you live now? This must play an important part in the lifestyle that you’ve created for yourself?

I live in downtown Manhattan. Chelsea. I’ve been there for most of my adult life. I have a small and cozy apartment filled with antiques. I adore the flea markets of the world.

I love the story with Laeticia Casta about the very first time you started mixing oils. How did you handle the next phase? Its as if things just flew ahead for you after that?

Yes. I just kept at it and refined my oil and slowly it got a cult following. And I kept going.

I never had any plans set for my life. I just went day by day and let one step inform the other.

You can see that use of delicate, but sublime ingredients, were important in the choices you made for Olio Lusso. Can you explain further about it? You’ve basically stated that you get what you pay for.

Yes. I believe this to be true. We use the finest oils on the market, and I think that shows in our products.

You once said that, “my instincts were to make the greatest product and that’s my forté—the business part, you know, it’s instinctual. How do you see your product now? Do you still have a strong sense of self? How would you describe your character now, compared to when you first started mixing oils with Laeticia?

It had become harder for sure, we face many more challenges, but we get many more rewards in return as well. I love being creative and that’s the key to my passion for all things RODIN.

You must have met so many amazing people in your career. Is there one that particularly stands out for you?

I have been extremely lucky and I have met too many artistic people to name here. A few favorites are Bob Dylan, Roy Lichtenstein and Alexander Liberman.

If you were to give business advice to young women wanting to forge a path for themselves, what would it be?

Follow your passion.

And what would be your moto to live life?

Again, follow your passion and be the best you can be.

How would you describe your average day? You’ve said you are generally a creature of habit..

Yes. I am! I work all the time so after a full work day I am home with my doggie.

How are you able to balance your crazy busy lifestyle? Do you travel or get away on weekends to relax and discover new things?

I’m always discovering new things; on a walk to the grocery store or on a trip to Rome. Eyes wide open all the time.

Is there a kind of project you haven’t done yet that you would really love to do?

I would love to see the pyramids and the Sphinx.

Author: Tabitha Karp