Un-Known’s season opening exhibition is just around the corner: with one of our favorite artists, Joana Kohen’s Life For Rent. With her latest work, Joana follows a path of using her practice in a more experimental way that surprises the audience by pulling them in effortlessly. Her story is told vividly by videos, sculptures and performance art.

Her third personal exhibition revolves around feminism in a new manner to overcome the issue, expressing it through identity, gender, and body politics. Once again, she uses her own outlook in expressing these issues, hoping to re-form the female image on the viewers.

It’s true that there are various artists and exhibitions that choose the subject of feminism that stand against objectifying women by breaking taboos. A reason why we’re big supporters of Joana is how she fearlessly puts herself in front of the camera to express these issues, not being afraid of getting judged or questioned for her choices. She searches for a way of breaking free from getting extinguished by onlookers, while causing a wish to celebrate life and being in our own bodies.

Life For Rent will be available for viewing between April 1 – April 24 at Un-Known Atelier. (Murselpasa Cad. No 183 / BALAT)