Designed by Google and Levi’s – the embodiment of the classic American style and authentic coolness – the new technological product Trucker Jacket is ready to meet fashion lovers all around. The iconic Levi’s brand and Google will be taking their place in wardrobes of technology enthusiasts and fashion lovers with the Trucker Jacket.

Remarkable with its features, this new jacket will meet Levi’s fans in the Spring of 2017. This new product, developed by Google, is equipped with the latest technologies and offers its users the possibility to be informed about nearby locations, pick music and receive calls just by touching the arm of the jacket.

“The Levi’s Commuter™ x Jacquard by Google” Trucker Ceket grabs attention as the newest significant product in Levi’s Commuter series made for bicycle enthusiasts. This high performance jacket is designed to deal with the challenges of today’s hyper-digital world.