Jean-Claude Mpassy, aka @newkissontheblog known for his trend pioneer and inspirational blog, turned his passion into a profession and now he is where he feels the best. Mpassy, who has been sharing his personal worldview through his blog since 2013; features street style, travel stories, interviews and more on fashion on his website. Also he doesn’t shy away from expressing his love for menswear. With his long lasting passion for fashion and rising audience, let’s get to know Jean-Claude more!

When did your interest in fashion turn into a job?

I found my way into the fashion industry while working in retail. That was about 8 years ago. 

Current obsession in clothing?

Three years ago I discovered my love for wide pleated pants. They are still my biggest obsession.

Your favorite style hack during summer?

Shorts with Boots. Hard to pull off, but damn fire if executed well.

Which fashion trend would you bring back?

Anything from the early 2000s: Velours Trackpants for instance.

Which fashion trend would you like to disappear?

Deep V-Neck Shirts

Are there any other fashion blogs that you follow?

I adore Man Repeller. It’s a great source of inspiration, although it’s focussed on womenswear. Besides that, I browse through Highsnobiety on a daily basis.

Common facts about fashion that are actually wrong?

I think the biggest misconception is that every aspect of the fashion industry is superficial. Another aspect that is often taken wrong: Pricing. People tend to think that everything apart from fast fashion is overpriced.

Your style in 3 words?

A Streetwear-Tailoring Mix.

Shorts or pants?

Always pants. Even during summer. I only wear shorts in my spare time or at home.

Leather or Denim?

Leather. Especially leather shirts. I think denim has a tough time right now. Sweatpants killed their vibe. But denim will be back sooner or later.

Plains or Prints?

Plains. They are timeless and therefore much more sustainable.